About Us

Rural African Art is a social business doing art as a way to generate employment and economic impact in Rural Africa. Started out in Rural Rwanda in the Eastern Province, Kayonza District at a place commonly known as Imigongo Art Center about 1hour and 15 minutes from the Capital Kigali.

Our studio and galley, at Kayonza, has work form all our artists in residence and some commissioned work from very good local artists like Innocent Buregeya, Isakari and others. We also collect other antique items that are rich in Rural African Art content. Our studio and gallery at Kayonza is open all days from 6am to 8pm.

Our Artists

Joshua Muhumuza Gateja


Joshua is from a family of artists, both his parents and the entire family are artists. He studied Art at Micheal Angelo College of Art and Design ,Kampala, Kisubi, Uganda.
He specialized in Painting and mixed media. His work is mostly displayed at the Rural African Art Galley at Kayonza.

Bonfils Ngabonzinza


Bonfils is a self-taught artist. He started out in 2010 and worked through different art centers in and around Kigali mostly at Ivuka Art Center. Specializing mostly in painting and public art.
His work can be seen at Niyo Art Center, Ivuka Arts, Association Arkane Casablanca Morocco, and at the Rural African Art Galley at Kayonza, Eastern Province-Rwanda.

Adolphe Kayitankore


Started out in 2009, self-taught. He worked a lot with other art centers in Kigali and around Rwanda including Ivuka Arts.
He specializes in painting and public art. His work can be seen at Ivuka Arts and at the Rural African Art Gallery, Kayonza, Eastern Province-Rwanda.